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For all the latest news and events in the Lion Hearted Project

LH periodic meeting @ POLYMAT, Spain.

May 2022

A LION-HEARTED periodic meeting was held between 12-13 May, 2022 at POLYMAT in San Sebastián, Spain. The consortium discussed the next steps in  in-vitro and in-vivo experiments.

LH periodic meeting @ TUM, Germany

October 2021

A LION-HEARTED periodic meeting was held between 30 October - 1 november, 2021 at TUM in Munich, Germany. Finally an in-presence meeting after months of pandemic!


27th September, 2019
On September 27, 2019 the center of Pavia hosted laboratories, shows, talks and activities designed and implemented by researchers in order to make the community aware of the local research activities with the objective to create a path between experiments and applications of different scientific disciplines. Gratefully, we could be a part of this valuable event presenting LION-HEARTED. We had the opportunity to describe the mission and goals of the project to a very heterogeneous audience of adults and children who have shown themselves to be particularly interested in the project. The activity was carried out by principal investigators from both UniPV (Department of Biology and Biotechnology ” L. Spallanzani”) and IIT (Center for Nanoscience and Technology) with the precious help from postdoctoral researchers, Ph.D and master students from UniPV.

Lion Hearted 2nd Meeting

14-15 November, 2019
LION-HEARTED 2nd meeting was held between 14-15 November, 2019 at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology “L. Spallanzani”, Italy. The consortium discussed experiments, dissemination and comunication.

Science is ready! in figures

Infographics were produced for each episode to explain the different projects with simple language and nice illustrations.